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Hospital Interiors –

Commercial interiors like hotels, theaters, workplace or hospitals are preferred if they are designed beautifully in accordance to the present trends and needs of the consumer.

How should a hospital interior be ?

If you have ever been wheeled in to an ER room in a stretcher and spent hours starring at the white walls you would understand that the hospital has not exactly been designed to comfort the patients and hence the hospital interiors make the patient who is already in a vulnerable state more depressed.

Good mood can really help the patients get well soon and it is really possible when the interiors of the hospitals bring in that positivity. Yes! The hospital interior plays a major role in curing the patient faster.

In the past the design of hospitals were more focused on patient care team than the actual patient but today the designs have to be changed to the comfort of the patient by giving stress free interiors for his/her health to improve quickly.

How should hospital interiors contribute to a positive patient experience ?

When a patient enters the hospital as an Out Patient (OP) or as an In Patient (IP) the interiors of the hospital should be inspirational and stress free with comfortable seating arrangements, soft lights, silent ambience with a comfortable temperature.

A hospital does not require any extravagant requirements which would deviate from what’s necessary to any form of unnecessary luxury.

Amenities like natural light, view to nature and quiet and clean hospital rooms with enough space for the care takers of the particular patient going through a surgery or treatment contribute to a positive patient experience.

What do our architects at Maple Walls think about Hospital interiors ?

Our architects say that designing a hospital is a complex task, both functional and psychological. Apart from designing services we have to conform to various requirements provided by the Ministry Of Health which include medical specialist requirements, keeping all of this in mind we give our best towards design that would keep the patient stress free and give him/her peace of mind to unveil towards good health, we believe in completing the project within the given time span and budget utilizing the space to the maximum.


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