South Indian Traditional Interior

Today the Indian Interiors are largely influenced by the western interiors that are very modest and sophisticated. Most of the apartment’s today built are very compact catering to all essential needs and most of the people also prefer small and compact apartment’s keeping in mind the sky high real estate prices.
In south India people love to retain their tradition in houses not taking in consideration the size or any other factor or element regarding the apartment or the kind of house they live in.
So what are those simple interior design ideas that retain the traditional South Indian look and feel?
At Maple Walls, we bring to you simple interior design ideas to give your house a South Indian look.

The entrance of any South Indian traditional house will always welcome you with Kolam or rangoli, Kolams are believed to bring in good luck.
The traditional rangoli has now been replaced by readymade murals. A wide variety of mural designs are available on the Internet, and you can select anything from traditional flower patterns to colourful peacock, deities or anything you like.

The living room is considered the most important when it comes to the South Indian tradition, the living rooms are very cosy containing wooden sofa’s with soft cushions, a wooden swing that gives a lot of relaxation while spending time with the family of course the swing can be incorporated depending on the size of your living room.

You can always decorate the living room with traditional elements like a brass vessel containing water with colourful flowers floating along with a few floating candles placed on the coffee table and a South Indian house is incomplete without traditional painting or posters which can be incorporated as per your choice.

Accessories play a vital role when it comes to a South Indian Traditional Interior, in South India art is a part of life one can find carved or metal figurine of God’s, nymphs, animals with so much of variety and details that it is impossible to not have one at home and you can just place it anywhere you choose to.
Maple Walls interior Designers help you covert dreams to reality.

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