Interior design errors – If you really are not sure what the talk is all about, then it’s time that you watch a makeover of 60 minutes. LOL, leave the jokes aside. When it comes to interior designs, re-decoration or space renovations, it is quite common to make mistakes. Maple Walls – a pioneer in providing interior designs of the highest quality with best-in-class designers is here to prevent making mistakes from your side.

Improper Composition of the Upholstered Fabrics

The fabric composition of your upholstered furniture for your interior designs is very crucial to be perfect. For example, a new sofa that you are placing beneath the skylight – is it easy to be faded? Maple Walls gives utmost vigilance to even the minute things when it comes to designing your interiors. We always give priority to practicality rather than for the style statement when designing your interiors.

Non-Usage of Primer before Paint Coat

This is a very important aspect that most house owners skip mainly because of the tedious process and the not so good odor from the primer. Maple Walls believes that if you really want to get the painting of the best quality, a coat of primer should be done beneath the first layer of the paint. Be it in any given situation, this will be hugely beneficial for an even surface to be created thereby promoting the application of the most accurate color tones.

Use of Curtains that do not reach the Floor                                      

Although this one is quite subjective since this is something that is related to your personal aesthetics. We at Maple Walls recommend the use of curtains that go all the way to floor – not too long though. This is because curtains that touch the floor promote the authentic next level of lifestyle experience. Talking about floor designs, MEGAD E-Gardening services render best-in-class landscape and garden designs for interior designed spaces

Going in with the usual single Accent Color

Adding the much-needed depth into your rooms with the different tone of colors is crucial. At Maple Walls, we believe that nothing works better than the use of multiple shades of color. Simply because you love the color of pink, it does not mean that your room should be blushing in pink. Our designers at Maple Walls always think twice when it comes to using multiples shades of color. For example, if your favorite color is pink, the designers at Maple Walls would love to mix pink with complementary tones like navy blue or olive green to give your designs the much-needed flair.

Hesitant in Experimenting with Furniture Shapes 

With our years of experience in interior designing, the common feedback which we get from our valued clients is that rectangular, circles or square shapes are not to be mixed. It is quite ridiculous to assume from where this theory actually came from. Maple Walls designers simply love to play with shapes. Actually mixing shapes helps in breaking up the monotony of your interior designed space.

If you feel to renovate your existing space, Boltz Engineering is always at your service to render all your construction needs

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