Typical Indian Modular Kitchen Design 

Living in the never dwindling Indian real estate market buying a budget apartment in the city is something everyone opts for.

Let’s assume if you’re buying a house in a budget of 50L to 1C your kitchen would minimum start from 80SQFT then what and how should the design aspect be for a modular kitchen?

Builders while handing over the apartment the kitchen is already semi- finished, the granite slab is already laid so this itself means that your kitchen cannot be completely modular, the position of the sink and the hob is already fixed and all of this is done in bestowal to Vastu thus to change all of this a lot of civil work has to be done involved with a lot of restriction.

Having said that – the following are few things that can improve the utility and aesthetics of your kitchen

Basket Units

It’s super to plan and decide how many basket units you will be needing as per your regular usage as baskets allow you to store more things compared to cupboards or drawers (In the floor unit).

Removable Shelves

It is always smart to have removable shelves in the floor unit because you can also use that space to store rice or flour containers.

Partition below the Sink

The sink is used for a lot of purposes when it comes to a kitchen, from washing vessels, vegetables, meat etc hence it is better to have a partition under the sink where you can store your soaps and detergents or other washing materials.

Open Shelves

The wall unit can have open shelves to make the kitchen design look modern and also provide good accessibility for frequently used material in the kitchen.


Selecting a single color that would commensurate with the color of the walls will make the modular kitchen look modest.

Frosted Glass Finish

Wall units and floor units can be given a nice frosty glass finish for the modular kitchen to look modern and genteel.

A reasonable modular kitchen price would vary from Rs 800/- per square feet to Rs- 1500/- per square feet depending on the material used and quality of the finish.

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