Residential Interior Designing

Interior  Designing

All our memories and emotions are attached to one place called home and for a lot of people home is a feeling, after a long day of struggle and hard work we really want to get back to that one place we call home where we find the warmth of our family, the walls that take us through that memory lane filled with colorful stories and the scent that calms your soul from the within.

When a builder builds four walls and a roof it becomes a house and when our architect brings in that emotions and creativity together the interior of your homes reflect happiness. Get the best of Design and interior at MAPLE WALLS Architect & Interior Designers.

Our Architect aim at providing utmost satisfaction from the initial process of 2D CAD drawings, 3D walkthroughs to snag free completion utilizing and decorating every bit of space to perfection.

We at Maple Walls newly design your residence or even renovate your house/apartment in accordance to your preferences.

Restoration Experts

You admire the house build by your grandparents in the early 1960’s and want it to remain the same till date or your property has gone through some damage due to fire, water or any other accident we will restore and maintain your property as new with our team of restoration experts at your service.

Interior Renovation

We at Maple Walls undertake all kinds of renovation works that include civil, electrical, plumbing, tiling/flooring, carpentry, painting and polishing works.

Room renovation from maple walls


Demolition of walls, construction of new in new partitions or extending the roof or adding in any cement and walls, adding concrete requirement by the client we are ready to do it to utmost satisfaction.

Maple walls


Installation of electrical appliances, wiring, telephone wiring and networking, distribution boards, switch gear etc.



Setting up new pipelines, shifting and fixing of sanitaryware and CP fittings. We also help our clients in purchase of exclusive sanitaryware and also build customized plumbing specifications.


Our experts suggest the clients with various options when it comes to tiles/flooring like In Vitrified, ceramic, glazed, Marble, Granite, Kota, Shahabad stones etc.


Making and fixing new doors, racks, lofts, window frames and wardrobes for all kinds of rooms and kitchens.


Repainting the walls, doors, windows and grills using high quality paints and colors that suit the ambience.

False Ceiling

False Ceiling Design ideas vary based on the height of the ceiling. For high ceilings you can design intricate or ornate it with beautiful chandeliers and if the ceilings are low you can keep it simple with few functionality options.
Ceramic, wood, patterned and a lot more options are available for your exploration, you just need to be creative and our designers will bring your creativity to life.


Lights play a vital role when it comes to interior design. Residential or commercial interiors the lights in it bring out the real color and ambience of the specific room or a conference hall. The right lights bring out the peace and positivity in oneself. Lighting options are infinity from sophisticated pin lights to power saving LED lights and our experts suggest the best lighting options that would suit your residence or office ambience.
We at Maple Walls also source customized lights and also customize electric requirement.

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