We shape your space that
reflects your lifestyle

Maple Walls

Design is our endowment. We have experts who are enthusiastic about designs, professionalism, endurance and building on suitable and impressive designs that enhances people’s lives. This endowment is a credible asset of Maple Wall

reflect your unique identity

Residential interiors

Home is where the heart is. To make your living more attractive, stylish that suits and satisfies your lifestyle and dreams, Maple Wall is at your service to make all of this come true. Be it living area, dining, bedrooms and kitchen, we prepare the best for you.

Be it the kids that are having a sleepover, your relatives visit you often or you get to adopt a new puppy, what may be the environment, a home needs to be felt friendly and comfortable. With the most creative and innovative designs and at your affordable rates, Maple Wall can create the astounding and long-lasting interiors that manifests your casual lifestyle you embrace.

We commence with knowing the lifestyle, dreams and choices of the family to build their home around their expectations. Then move on to discuss with the families and get approval on the designs and further proceed to implementing the designs onto the house. We aid them on the maintenance of the designs if any and ensures that the quality of the design augments the beauty of the house.

We change your space by giving individual scrutiny and delve into a wide assortment of materials keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish both utilitarian and creative spaces.

We use the best methods and the current technologies / the latest materials for sustainable constructions. We also make assessments and verify that, the designs for homes are balanced with the current trends used upon other housing interiors

agile, functional and aesthetic workspaces

Turnkey and Retrofit Projects / Office Interiors

Place gives shape and life to the capacities it serves. It impacts recognition, cooperation, work, and user experience. Design is the binding method that associates innovation with creativity and meets various preparations, technologies, and components to shape powerful and ground-breaking workplaces.

Maple Wall accomplish the project by executing, designing, electrical, organizing, AC(Aircon), finish Turnkey and Retrofit interiors, carpentry, flooring, all style arrangements for all sort of business ventures. We initiate each undertaking with an indistinguishable tender loving care from we would with our won individual property.

The workplace adjusts the best methods for industry wellness and sustainability. Characterize the essential parameters—physical, social, psychological, human space that compliments culture and lifestyle. Every work place deserves to be radiant and it is an esteemed resource that with the vital strategic foundation, it can shore up the staff efficiency and coordinated effort, energize and support a mixture of work modes, improve wellbeing and significantly more.

The fundamental approach of Maple Wall is to perceive their work culture, their business domain, their basic services and how they operate over it. It is a calculative process to do that urges us to chalk out the given project.

We recommend a lot of ideas after a long process of researching, that will be suitable for their business and provide them documents that roughly estimates the final outlook of their dream place. Majorly like, developing a new work place that best suits their needs, aiding on creating facilities or utilizing the existing facilities efficiently and effectively, and provide the quantitative and qualitative workplace requirements.

Experimental Graphic design


This is basically for commercial purposes and are more likely used in workplaces. An arrangement for executing designs and informing in view of a profound comprehension of the brand. We thoroughly consider the numerous ways clients will encounter the space, and the coveted qualities for plan that will make a successful experience.

The assimilation of brand and message in three-dimensional space through typography, color, imagery, frame, and texture. Brand articulations can be passed on through simple subject, art and sculpture, and digital experience.

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